2 digit adding without regrouping Exercise 3

2 digit adding without regrouping


2-Digit Adding without regrouping

Are you ready to be an addition ace? Today, we’re going on a special number adventure – adding big numbers without carrying! It’s like magic, but it’s really just awesome math.

What’s the Secret?

Usually, when things get too big in one place when adding, we have to move some over (that’s regrouping). But, with this cool trick, the numbers we add always fit perfectly!

Step-by-Step Superhero Steps

Let’s say we want to add 42 and 36:

  1. Number Power-Up: Write your numbers, one on top of the other, lining up the ones and tens places:

  2. Mighty Ones: Focus on the right side (ones place). Add those digits together – 2 + 6 = 8. Write the ‘8’ below the line, right under the ones.

  3. Terrific Tens: Time to tackle the left side (tens place). Add those digits – 4 + 3 = 7. Write the ‘7’ below the line, under the tens.

  4. You Did It! Check it out:


    78 is your answer!

Practice Makes Perfect

Time to test your addition superpowers! Remember, no carrying here:

  • Challenge 1: 24 + 55 = ?
  • Challenge 2: 19 + 71 = ?
  • Challenge 3: 63 + 13 = ?

Cool Tips for Math Wizards

  • Seeing is Believing: Use blocks, coins, or draw pictures to show the ones and tens. It helps you see how the numbers combine.
  • Number Quest: Turn it into an adventure! Add the number of candies you and your sibling have, or your favorite toys.

Superstar Status!

Learning 2-digit addition without regrouping is a HUGE step in your math journey. The easier stuff comes first, and then you can handle even trickier problems! You’re becoming a number ninja with each problem you solve.

High-Fives and Happy Adding!