2 digit addition without regrouping Exercise 2

2 digit addition without regrouping

Fun and Easy 2-Digit Addition Without regrouping for Kids

Learning addition can be a fun and exciting journey for kids. Today, we will explore a special type of addition called “2-digit addition without regrouping.” This method allows us to add two-digit numbers together without the need to carry any numbers over to the next column. Let’s dive in and discover how to master this unique addition technique!

Understanding 2-Digit Addition Without regrouping

Before we begin, let’s quickly review what carrying means in regular addition. When we add two-digit numbers, sometimes the sum of the digits in a column is greater than nine. In such cases, we carry the extra value to the next column. However, in 2-digit addition without regrouping, we don’t need to worry about carrying. We simply add the digits in each column and write the sum directly below.

How to Add 2-Digit Numbers Without regrouping

Let’s break down the steps to add 2-digit numbers without regrouping:

  1. Write down the two numbers, lining up the digits in each column.
  2. Start adding from the rightmost column (the ones place).
  3. Add the digits in the ones place together.
  4. Move to the next column (the tens place) and repeat steps 3.
  5. If there are no more columns, you have your final answer!

Let’s try an example to see how it works:

Suppose we want to add 23 and 45 together. Here’s how we do it:


As you can see, the sum of 23 and 45 is 68. Since there are no carries involved, we simply write down the digits in each column.

Step-by-Step Guide to 2-Digit Addition Without Regrouping

Let’s practice this method with an example: 23 + 15.

Step 1: Write the two numbers vertically, lining up the digits correctly:

+  15

Step 2: Start adding from the rightmost column, which is the ones column. Add the digits 3 and 5 together:

+  15

Step 3: Move to the next column, which is the tens column. Add the digits 2 and 1 together:

+  15
+  3

And there you have it! The sum of 23 and 15, without any carrying, is 38.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that you understand the concept, it’s time to practice some more 2-digit addition without regrouping problems. Grab a pen and paper, and let’s solve a few together!

Example 1: 34 + 12

+  12
+  4

Example 2: 56 + 18

+  11
+  6

Example 3: 47 + 39

+  39
+  7

Remember, the key to mastering 2-digit addition without regrouping is to take it one column at a time. Always start from the rightmost column and work your way to the left. With practice, you’ll become a pro at this method!

Why Learn 2-Digit Addition Without Regrouping?

You might be wondering why it’s important to learn this specific addition method. Well, 2-digit addition without regrouping is a fundamental skill that helps build a strong foundation in math. By understanding this technique, you’ll be better equipped to solve addition problems in the future.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to perform 2-digit addition without regrouping. Remember to practice regularly to reinforce your skills. With time, you’ll be able to add two-digit numbers effortlessly and without any carrying. Keep up the great work, and happy calculating!